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Globally Competent Workforce: Why We Need One

I just returned from Texas where I presented at the Career Clusters Institute on the global nature of today’s workforce. While the goal of the session was to provide strategies for teaching career and technical education (CTE) in a global manner, our lively discussion revealed that many in the field still need to make the […]

Foreign Language Policies Around the World

<em>On the occasion of International Mother Language <a href=””>Day</a>, we have been looking at the importance of languages in schools. Today, Heather Singmaster, senior program associate, Asia Society, looks at how other countries are examining their language policies as part of workforce development strategies.</em> <strong>By Heather Singmaster</strong> It is no secret that Americans lag behind […]

Recognize Patterns: Advice for Chinese Language Classrooms

I’ve visited many language programs across the country in recent years, and have—for better or for worse—instinctively divided them into two categories. The first are programs that leave me with the distinct impression that they are fundamentally classes that happen in a room in a school building; there’s not a lot of dynamism, authentic or […]

Where World Languages and the Common Core Intersect

“I have two long antennae,” the student at the front of the class said, in Chinese. “Are you a snail?” asked another student, also in Chinese. “No! I have three body parts and six thin legs.” “An ant?” quipped another. “No, I have two colorful wings.” “A butterfly!” the class shouted. This is an example […]

Five Tips to Strengthen International School Partnerships

With travel and exchanges becoming increasingly affordable to more schools and students, we have an opportunity and responsibility to build effective K-12 level school-to-school partnerships with student exchange programs that are much more than vacations abroad. With vision, design, resources, persistence, and a little bit of luck, school-to-school partnerships are treasure troves for student learning […]

How Seattle Created Schools for the Future

Seattle’s busy port, with its colorful cranes and massive cargo shipping facilities, is one of the largest in the United States. The port generates some $12 billion in business revenue each year, mostly from trade with Pacific Rim countries. It’s quite a view from the <a href=””>Seattle Public Schools</a> headquarters just three blocks away. About […]