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Globally Competent Workforce: Why We Need One

I just returned from Texas where I presented at the Career Clusters Institute on the global nature of today’s workforce. While the goal of the session was to provide strategies for teaching career and technical education (CTE) in a global manner, our lively discussion revealed that many in the field still need to make the […]

Students as Professionals: Prepare Learners for the Global Workforce

How to prepare your students for the global innovation age? The answers should be found in every classroom! There is a lot of buzz in today’s society about preparing students for the global workforce, and educating them to be tomorrow’s innovators. As most schools in the country are working to align curriculum with the new […]

Teach Creativity Through World Music

I spent much of my childhood listening to music. It saddens me that school music programs are too often squeezed out to focus on hard sciences and raising test scores. Budget cuts haven’t helped either. Conversely, in many high-performing Asian school systems, great effort is going toward giving students access to the arts to encourage […]