Across a diversity of contexts and disciplines one thing is a constant: globally competent students are mentored by teachers skilled at preparing young minds to understand and act on matters of global significance. So just what does high-quality teaching for global competence look like? How can teachers design instruction to foster global competence among their students?

While designing instruction for global competence, think about:

  1. What topics matter most to teach?
  2. What exactly will students take away from a unit, project, visit, or course?
  3. What will students do to learn?
  4. How will we know they are making progress?

Asia Society has developed a number of tools that help teachers find answers to these and other critical questions.

Performance Outcomes and Rubrics
The afterschool hours are an important time to build student knowledge and skills in creative ways.

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Professional Development Events
Online courses, webinars, book studies, and conferences. Line-up for the 2013–14 school year coming soon.

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