Change is not easy. Recent studies have shown how hard it is to get people to consistently wash their hands—something that is well established to be good for you and an easy task to complete. If even getting people to adopt such a simple habit is so difficult, imagine what a challenge we are all facing in trying to transform and improve the U.S. education system. Such a transformation requires commitment to change at the  state, district, school, and individual educator levels. Often, all these levels do not align in the degree of attention or commitment that they are able to give to high-quality, global education.

For this very reason, we strive to create multiple pathways through which people can engage with our work to promote global learning, as a state, district, school, and even as an individual educator.

Use this page to find the right pathway for you to engage with our work and to champion global learning. By working together and pulling all these levers for change, we can make sure all our students graduate ready for college and career in today’s globalized world.

Who are you?

If you’re someone seeking more intensive supported , please visit our Customized Services page.


Research and experience demonstrates time and again the vital role that individual educators play in preparing their students for social, emotional, and professional success in the global innovation age. Asia Society offers tools and resources to support individual or groups of educators looking to integrate global learning into their teaching.

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School leaders play a vital role in shaping and driving everything from school culture to curriculum. Asia Society resources can help school leadership to transform their school into a global learning school.

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Afterschool Providers

Learning doesn’t just happen in classrooms. Afterschool and expanded learning programs now play a key role in preparing students for the global innovation age. The Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning strives to help afterschool providers build global literacy through their afterschool and expanded learning programs.

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Cities or districts are often the locus of innovation and change in educational policy and practice. Our initiatives allow us to both directly engage with districts and also to provide them the research and curriculum support they need to ensure that their schools are preparing students who are globally competent and college and career ready.

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Customized Services

We also offer more intensive, personalized support for schools and districts through the International Studies Schools Network (ISSN). These services include:

  • An initial assessment of school culture and global focus
  • Site visits
  • On-site coaching work
  • Professional development workshops and events
  • Attendance at our annual Partnership for Global Learning Conference
  • Access to and support utilizing our digital GPS platform, curriculum modules, performance outcomes and rubrics, and I can statements
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