Every day, the world is becoming more complex and interconnected. The global knowledge economy requires workers that know how to innovate and constantly evolve, meaning the skills and competencies that students need to succeed are constantly changing and even multiplying.

As the world and work transform, education must adapt along with it.

The Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning strives to keep pace with this revolution in education and to integrate the latest teaching and learning innovations into our quest for all students to graduate globally competent and college and career ready.  In order to join this innovation movement, we have created and lead a variety of initiatives, which include:

Partnership for Global Learning Innovations

These diverse initiatives allow us to learn from best practices in education policy and practice—within the United States and around the world—and integrate, pilot, and refine cutting-edge educational strategies and technologies in order to ensure that the rising generation is ready to enter the global innovation age.

Learning  Networks 

Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning spearheads several networks that allow us to learn from and spread best practices in education policy and practice. These networks serve as research engines and laboratories keeping us on the forefront of innovative global learning.

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Mastery Based Grading Systems 

The value of mastery or proficiency-based grading systems is widely accepted. Educators and school systems throughout the country are striving to integrate and utilize these exciting new policies and teaching strategies. We are working with several schools within our International Studies Schools Network to learn how to utilize the Graduation Performance System (GPS) as the foundation for a competency-based system.

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Global  Leadership Badges 

Badges provide a clear way for an individual to represent a skill or competency he or she has mastered and allow teachers and potential employers to better understand a candidate’s level of proficiency in the required skills. Currently, we are working to create a badging system that is aligned to the Graduation Performance system through which students within the International Studies Schools Network can demonstrate their achievement of the GPS Performance Outcomes.

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