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The Global Roots of the Common Core

The education system of the United States was built, in part, by utilizing the best ideas from abroad, mainly from Germany and Scotland. But after achieving the leading education system in the world, and the first country to achieve mass secondary education, and the first to promote higher education broadly, we stopped looking abroad for […]

Where World Languages and the Common Core Intersect

“I have two long antennae,” the student at the front of the class said, in Chinese. “Are you a snail?” asked another student, also in Chinese. “No! I have three body parts and six thin legs.” “An ant?” quipped another. “No, I have two colorful wings.” “A butterfly!” the class shouted. This is an example […]

Common Core: Preparing Globally Competent Citizens, Part 2

The adoption of new and rigorous college- and career-ready standards creates an historic opportunity for schools, districts, and states across the nation to rethink the curriculum. As the introduction to the English language arts Standards notes, “by emphasizing required achievements, the Standards leave room for teachers, curriculum developers, and states to determine how those goals […]

Common Core: Preparing Globally Competent Citizens

The adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English language arts and mathematics in 45 states and the District of Columbia offers educators an unprecedented opportunity to marry the skill development and acquisition of core content needed to develop globally competent citizens with the rigorous skills and core content needed to prepare all […]