Confucius Classrooms



Asia Society’s  Confucius Classrooms Network is an initiative to expand or establish Chinese language programs in schools and school districts across the U.S. These Chinese language classrooms serve as exemplary models for other programs, highlight best practices, and provide a site for innovation and new thinking.  The goal of this network is to build the field of Chinese language teaching at the K–12 level in the United States by providing models of success and strategies for growth.

The schools in the network represent 27 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, all with a strong commitment to making their Chinese program a core part of a larger mission toward helping students to be more globally competent. Through the establishment of an online community, targeted professional development for Chinese language teachers in the network, and annual Confucius Classrooms Network conferences, we are creating the infrastructure for the development of effective and sustainable Chinese language programs for American students.

This project has been established with the support of an International Experts Committee and an Honorary Advisory Committee, and in partnership with Hanban, the Chinese government agency spearheading the establishment of Chinese language programs overseas.