Lesson Plans

Following are a number of exercises that will help students develop some of the basic observation, deductive, and language skills that will underlay the study of works of art.

> Learning to Look
> Learning to Describe
> Learning to Ask Questions

Use the Basic Lesson Plan to explore the objects from the Rockefeller Collection. Teachers are urged to read the relevant background information for each object they select to explore in order that they may lead the class discussions. The background information is intended to give the teacher the tools to extend the looking experience; we suggest you not read the information to the class, but rather let the student look at the objects with a fresh eye. There are two ways to project art objects from this website:

1. Download images onto overhead transparencies. Click here to access printer-quality images. Be sure you have overhead transparecies loaded in your printer.

2. If you have computer projection in your classroom, go to the image you want using the slideshow feature on this website and hit the "enlarge" button directly below the image. This will bring up a screen-size image for discussion.

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