Institutional Links
AskAsia, the Asia Society's award-winning K-12 Web site, offers easy, 24-hour access to high-quality, classroom-tested resources and cultural information, engaging games and activities, and links to relevant people, places, and institutions.
AsiaSource is an online resource developed by the Asia Society to meet the need for timely, reliable, unbiased information and assistance regarding the cultural, economic, social, historical, and political dimensions of Asia. is the Society's institutional Web site. It contains data from each of the divisions within the organization, including information on upcoming events, arts, culture, economics, speeches, publications, and gifts.
This is the institutional Web site for the Queens Borough Public Library. It includes information on events, services, and resources and has links to the library catalog.
The Queens Library Gallery Web site has information on the gallery's past and current exhibitions.
The National Library of China Web site links to information on the history, services, resources, and collections of the library.

China-Specific Links
The Internet Guide for Chinese Studies
The pages of this WWW Virtual Library contain annotated links to Internet sites that may be useful to those interested in "Greater China" (i.e., the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore). Students and scholars of sinology, scholars from other fields doing research on China, or anyone looking for a gateway to the Chinese-speaking region will find rich resources on this site.
China: History in General
The Council of East Asian Libraries has compiled this list of links to Web sites covering topics on Chinese history, culture, and literature.
Chinese Historical and Cultural Project (CHCP)
The CHCP, based in Santa Clara County, California, was founded in 1987 as a nonprofit organization to promote and preserve Chinese-American and Chinese history and culture through community outreach activities. Its up-to-date Web site is replete with information on the organization and its activities.
Chinese Characters
This Web site helps students understand, appreciate, and remember Chinese characters. It features learning tools, dictionaries, and links to Chinese poems and literature with English translations. Access is free, though ads are posted.
This site sells Chinese books and videos designed to help parents teach Chinese culture and language to their children.
China-5,000 Years at the Guggenheim: Electronic Exhibition of the Modern Section An outstanding companion to the Guggenheim's blockbuster China show, this site features images of the paintings from the modern part of the exhibition-almost 300 artworks. All of the imagery is accompanied by descriptive text, including annotations for each piece. The traditional section of the exhibition can be viewed from the museum's main Web page. Go to and search the list of past exhibitions for China-5,000 Years, February 6-June 8, 1998.
Inside Out: New Chinese Art
This exhibition, organized by the Asia Society and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, presented the dynamic contemporary art of China. The site contains substantial information, including some 30 images; a full checklist of every work in the show; information on two specially commissioned pieces by Cai Guo-qiang and Wenda Gu; a chronology of the development of contemporary Chinese art in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan; biographies of the artists; a selected bibliography citing more than 150 articles, books, and catalogues, and more.
Hakka Chinese Home Page
One of the most comprehensive resources on the Hakka Chinese, this site includes sections on their origin, history, migration, genealogy, and language. A discussion forum is provided as well as papers and (somewhat outdated) links.

Asia: General Links
Association for Asian Studies (AAS)
The AAS-the largest society of its kind in the world-is a scholarly, nonpolitical, nonprofit professional association open to anyone interested in Asia. Through publications, meetings, and seminars, it seeks to facilitate contact and the exchange of information among scholars to increase their understanding of East, South, and Southeast Asia. The site contains information about upcoming events, publications, and more.
Asian Education Media Service (AEMS)
An invaluable resource for teachers, students, and parents, AEMS helps locate media materials that can be used in learning and teaching about the cultures and peoples of Asia. It features reviews of hundreds of educational resources, which are evaluated for content, accuracy, appeal, ease of comprehension, and educational usefulness. Information on where to buy or rent the materials is also available.
Asia for Kids!
This site sells resources for teaching Asian languages and cultures. Available material includes books, language textbooks, videos, audiocassettes, software, CD-ROMs, dolls, games, posters, crafts, T-shirts, and materials for parents and teachers.
Crane House (The Asia Institute, Inc.)
This nonprofit private Asian cultural center offers Asia-related programs to schools, businesses, and other organizations. Examples include field trips, teacher's seminars, cultural business protocol sessions, classes, and workshops for all ages.
K-12 students and teachers can get a sense of what everyday life is like in a foreign country. E-mail projects are available for teacher-monitored school assignments in language arts, cultural learning, history, geography, social studies, and science-or just making friends worldwide! Ideas for new projects can also be submitted. Resources on this site are available at no charge to users-revenue comes from sponsors and advertisers.
Smithsonian: Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
This site was produced by the education department for the Smithsonian's Asian art galleries. It features information and activities for teachers, families, and children. Curriculum materials related to China, Japan, India, and other Asian nations are also available.
Mandala: Through a Child's Eyes
This Asia Society-sponsored site hosted by AskAsia, the Society's educational Web site for grades K-12, displays the creative efforts of students of P.S. 102 Q in New York City. Here you'll find the Society's collaborative arts program that coincided with its exhibition "Mandala: The Architecture of Enlightenment."
The Encyclopedia Mythica
This site is an encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and legends. It contains definitions of gods and goddesses, and supernatural beings, legendary creatures, and monsters from countries all over the world, including China, Japan, and India.
Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets
A superb site developed by Carol Bier, curator of the Textile Museum, Washington, D.C., and the Math Forum, and funded jointly by the National Endowment for the Arts and Sotheby's. It is packed with information and resources, including a glossary of terms, numerous bibliographies, unique and detailed imagery of weave patterns, many examples and explanations of different styles, education resources, and more.
The Art of Tibet
This elegantly designed site showcases the collection of the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation accompanied by an essay by Moke Mokotoff. Featuring beautiful images, it allows users to search the collection for works of interest and downloadable images. Additionally, it is an excellent example of how an interactive medium can function on both a highly educational and entertaining level.
The Imperial Tombs of China-Orlando Museum of Art
This site, built to accompany an exhibition featuring some 250 rare artifacts from 7 dynasties, now also provides a historical timeline with information on each dynasty as well as a QuickTime Virtual Reality tour of the original exhibition.
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts-Asian Collection
Through this site, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts offers access to its Chinese painting, bronzes, ceramics and jades, including the largest carved jade mountain in an American or European collection. This site also features Japanese paintings and Buddhist sculptures.
The Mystical Arts of Tibet
This documents an exhibition of the Tibetan sand mandalas that was held at Gallery V at Berea College in Berea, Kentucky, featuring works by the Tibetan lamas of Drepung Loseling Monastery. This site explains the process of creating a mandala as well as the importance of the closing ceremony involving the destruction of this ephemeral art form.
The WWW Virtual Library: Indigenous Studies
This essential site for indigenous studies has special sections on Asia and the Pacific that cover an array of groups, including the Ainu of Japan, the aboriginal peoples of Taiwan, and many others.

WWW Virtual Library: Buddhist Studies
A good hub site from the trusted Virtual Library Series featuring an annotated and evaluated guide to online resources for Buddhist studies.
This site encompasses an extensive list of online collections of Buddhist art.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures: China
An admirable page from the University of Evansville, this site profiles the Dao de jing. It includes its full text along with that of The Analects of Confucius and The Art of War as well as a chronology, scholarly essays, links to other resources online, imagery, and more.
Taoism Information Page
This is an excellent launching pad for an online exploration of Daoism. It functions as a hub for other resources with well-annotated links in categories such as the Yi Jing, feng shui, The Art of War, and Daoism and Modernity.
Taoist Restoration Society
This is a reliable resource for comprehensive information on Daoism.

This article was written by Judith A. Berling for the Asia Society's Focus on Asian Studies, vol. 11, No. 1 Asian Religions, pp.5-7, Fall 1982. Copyright AskAsia, 1996.