Introduction for Teachers:
Using Visible Traces Curriculum Studio in Your Classroom

The Visible Traces Curriculum Studio links rare treasures from the National Library of China to your classroom through activities that highlight standards in the social studies, language arts and visual arts. The Studio features five themes that connect geography, world history, economics, religion and philosophy, world events, or fine arts curricula. The lessons also link ancient cultures to contemporary issues making this a valuable resource for any teacher. The five themes are:
Mapping One's Place in the World,
Communicating Through Writing and Technology,
Making Values Tangible Through Word and Image,
Reflecting Diversity Through Language and Writing, and
Expressing Individuality Through Poetry and Calligraphy.
Each section includes an introduction to the theme, background essays by eminent scholars, and two or three classroom activities. Every lesson is a comprehensive, classroom-ready packet featuring intriguing artifacts, rich reference material, and detailed plans that fit readily into your curriculum.

Introductions for each theme link you directly to appropriate objects in the Visible Traces exhibition. In addition to being electronically available to students, these pages can be printed and distributed for use in the classroom, supplementing the Visible Traces poster as a visual reference.

In order to view and print essays and lessons, you will need to make sure Adobe Acrobat is installed on your computer. If it is not installed, you may install it for free by clicking here and following the instructions.

We invite you to peruse the background readings, which provide information for the instructor or textual material for older students. Every theme includes one or two essays by scholars that explain the larger historical context of the Visible Traces artifacts, bringing expertise and insight to your classroom.

Each classroom activity focuses on one of the objects in the exhibition, affording opportunities for exploration and analysis in the study of historical, cultural, and artistic elements. Activities are tiered for a range of grade levels, with appropriate variations for other age groups. Following the activities are printable handouts. The activities support curriculum frameworks and offer a variety of interdisciplinary connections.

Selected materials from the Visible Traces Curriculum Studio are available in Classroom Kits that feature a Visible Traces classroom poster and teacher's guide. These are available, free, from the Asia Society while supplies last.