March 5-7, 2003  |   The Melia Hanoi Hotel  |  Hanoi, Vietnam

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HoChiMinh City: Creation and Utilization of Competitive Environment for Foreign Investment

Dr. Nguyen Thien Nhan
Standing Vice - Chairman of People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City

I. Eight targeted competitiveness of HoChiMinh City:

1. Unique location in Asia:
Within 3,500 km radius around HoChiMinh City 2,500 millions people accessible (50% of the world population)

  • Low cost of market access
  • Fast increasing demand for consumption and industrial products
  • Vast pool of skilled and low wage labor
  • Transportation by air, sea or train

2. Educated, hard- working, innovative and low - cost labor forces.

3. A critical economic mass for fast and sustainable internal development and international cooperation:

  • 6 millions people (2015 : 10 millions)
  • Almost 30% of national industry
  • 18% of Vietnam’s GDP
  • 40% of Vietnam’s export
  • Modernized banking sector
  • Traditional relations to 2 millions oversea Vietnamese
  • The biggest airport and seaport
  • More than 30 universities and colleges
  • 50% of Vietnam’s IT capacity
  • Tourism destination
  • 2 hour access to the Southern Economic Development Zone
    (Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Ba Ria - Vung Tau and Ho Chi Minh City : 40% of GDP).
4. Center of science and technology research and application.
  • 30% of national research capacity
  • The Nation’s most developed market for scientific - technological products
  • Advanced partnership between Science - Business and Government (Innovation Triangle)
  • High-tech Park under construction

5. Reforming government :

  • Government - Business - Dialog System online
  • E-Government Program started

6. Tradition of business spirit and innovation.

7. Developed infrastructure

  • Transportation program
  • Telecommunication program
  • Housing program
  • Urban re-development program

8. Multilingual culture

  • English, French, Chinese, German, Russia, Japanese,…
  • Korean, Chinese, French, Indian cusines

II. Current Efforts and Action Programs

1. Five readiness strategy:

  • Information ready (city web, ITPC (Investment and Trade Promotion Center), Investment road show tour…)
  • Land ready (Center for Land and Infrastructure Provision)
  • Labor ready (Training Program on Business Demand)
  • Internet ready (Telecommunication infrastructure development program and Internet Service Program)
  • Support ready (Individual support for investors to get license, Government - Business - Dialog system online, Annual meeting with foreign business associations)

2. Action programs:

  • Human resource development programs : 8 Components, implementation in progress (300 Ph. D. and Master Program, 1,000 Business Manager Training Program,…)
  • City marketing (Proposal to be approved and implemented)
  • Creation of ready land for investor
  • IT Program (Telecommunication Infrastructure, Training, Incubation, e-Government, E-Commerce, Quang Trung Software City, e-learning)
  • Research program : Low cost production of import - equivalent products and technology fairs (real and on line)
  • Transportation program, Urban re-development program, Housing program
  • City partnership (San Francisco, Shanghai, Lyon,…)