Fan Di’an

Fan Di’an is Director of the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). Fan also serves as Vice Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association and Chairman of Art Museums Committee in China. He specializes in 20th century Chinese art studies, criticism, and curatorial practices of contemporary art, and art museum studies. As the NAMOC director, he advocates the idea of “a museum for the public.” He has enthusiastically broadened the platform for international exchange at NAMOC, bringing in excellent exhibitions from around the world. He has also succeeded in bringing some of the best Chinese art overseas. As the chief curator of many important bilateral cultural exchanges, including the Europalia China Art Festival and the Chinese Cultural Year in Italy, he curated and organized a series of exhibitions of Chinese art to travel abroad. He has also been covered by leading international media. He was also recognized by Art and Investment magazine as one of the “50 celebrities who have influenced the contemporary art world.”

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