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The Cultural Revolution

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was Mao’s last and arguably greatest attempt to bring a spirit of destructiveness and permanent revolution to the party. Beginning as a mass movement among students inspired by Mao’s rhetoric and Lin Biao’s “Little Red Book” of quotations, the Cultural Revolution spread quickly through Chinese society, leading to the persecution… Read more »

Permanent Revolution

Mao was convinced his new government would slip into complacency if the revolution wasn’t made “permanent.” In his first decade in office, he enacted many reforms, including the following: Land confiscation and reform (1950), executing million landlords. Marriage law reform (1950), fundamentally changing the status of women. Joining the Korean War against the United States… Read more »

Charter 08

In response to what he saw at the Olympic Games, Liu put the organizing powers of the internet to use with serious repercussions. In late 2008, Liu and a handful of colleagues released a public letter criticizing the Chinese government. Modeled on Czechoslovakia’s Charter 77, they called their letter Charter 08¬†and it gathered more than… Read more »