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Rustam slays the White Div

Rustam shoots Ashkabus

Folio 145b

Rustam has accepted the challenge of meeting Ashkabus, an arrogant warrior for Turan, in combat. Rustam, at the left, wears his famous tiger-skin clothing and a cap made from the fur of a snow leopard. Backed up against a wall of rock, the lone Rustam boldly faces Ashkabus, who has the Turanian army standing ready behind him. Rustam’s victory, though, is already foretold in the details: Ashkabus’s horse has crumpled to the ground; he has just shot an arrow that has failed to reach its mark, while Rustam’s bow is drawn taut, about to deliver the final blow. The Iranian army watches from the left background, their faces expressing fear, resolution, and amazement. They sound their trumpet and wave their flag, which reads “dominion, honor, and victory.”

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