Charles “Lil Buck” Riley

Charles “Lil Buck” Riley performed and received early training at the New Ballet Ensemble and School, Memphis, TN. He is known for his brilliant Memphis Jookin’, a street dance that originated in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis Jookin’ is taking the world by storm thanks to video streaming and social networking websites. In 2007, Memphis rapper–director–producer Young Jai, released the “Memphis Jookin’ Vol. 1” DVD featuring Lil Buck. As a choreographer, Lil Buck recently choreographed and starred in the video for recording artist Janelle Monae’s Grammy-nominated hit song “Tightrope.” He has appeared on numerous television shows, including an appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” performing “Tightrope” and three appearances on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

In April 2011, Lil Buck collaborated with cellist Yo-Yo Ma in two appearances arranged by Vail International Dance Festival director Damian Woetzel. A YouTube video of one of the performances has become a viral internet hit, garnering national and international press attention.