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For Adults

Aboriginal Art, by Howard Morphy. Numerous illustrations. "The best survey that has appeared to date."-Luke Taylor, Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia 240 color illus., 35 b&w. Paperback
$24.95 [$22.46 members]

Voices of the First Day: Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime, by Robert Lawlor. A richly illustrated introduction. "comprehensive and fascinating."-Kirkus Reviews
$29.95 [$17.97 members]

The Speaking Land: Myth and Story in Aboriginal Australia, by Ronald and Catherine Berndt. An anthology of aboriginal myth collected by the authors during fifty years of fieldwork among aboriginal peoples.
$16.95 [$15.26 members]

Wise Women of the Dreamtime: Aboriginal Tales of the Ancestral Powers, compiled by K. Langloh Parker. This collection of women's stories was compiled a century ago. Women tell of their own ceremonies, relations, and behavioral codes.
$12.95 [$11.66 members]

Aboriginal Men of High Degree, by A. P. Elkin. A leading anthologist discusses the role of the aboriginal shamans who serve as channels between their communities and the beings of the Dreamtime.
$12.95 [$11.66 member]

Wisdom from the Earth, by Anna Voigt and others. Brilliant photographs provide the backdrop for discussions of Aboriginal ceremonies and customs. Includes interviews with Aboriginal elders.
$29.95 [$26.96 members]

The Songlines, by Bruce Chatwin. Weaving memoir, history, science, and philosophy into a travel tale of brilliance and beauty, Chatwin explores the invisible pathways, the song lines of the Aboriginals.
$13.95 [$12.56 members]

Australian Art, by Andrew Sayers. Discusses both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australian art.
$19.95 [$17.96 members]

Dreamkeepers: A Spirit Journey into Aboriginal Australia, by Harvey Arden. The author of a well-known book on American Indian spirituality travels to Australia to learn about Aboriginal culture.
$17.00 [$15.30 members]

Images of Power: Aboriginal Art of the Kimberley, by Judith Ryan. Exhibition catalogue from the National Gallery of Victoria.
$32.95 [$19.77 members]

Spirit in Land: Bark Paintings from Arnhem Land, by Judith Ryan. Exhibition catalogue from the National Gallery of Victoria.
$29.95 [$26.96 members]

Raka Wara: Long Cloth from Aboriginal Australia and the Torres Strait, by Judith Ryan and Robyn Healy. Exhibition catalogue from the National Gallery of Victoria.
$29.95 [$26.96 members]

Ginger Riley, by Judith Ryan. Exhibition catalogue from the National Gallery of Victoria.
$29,95 [$26.96 members]

My Place, by Sally Morgan. The classic autobiography of three generations of Aboriginal women. "Should be on [the reading list of] every black studies and women's studies course."-New York Times
$17.95 [$16.16 members]

The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, by Thomas Keneally. Set in Australia a century ago, a marriage between an Aborigine and a white woman ends in disaster.
$13.95 [$12.56 members]

Aboriginal Australians, 3rd ed., by Richard Broome. The classic text on the history of race relations and Aborigines in Australia.
$29.95 [$26.96 members]

Aboriginal Australia An Introductory Reader, edited by Colin Bourke. An excellent collection.
$22.95 [$20.66 members]

Aboriginal Autonomy: Issues and Strategies, by H. C. Coombs. A collection of essays by a leading advocate of self-determination for the Aborigines.
$28 [$16.80 members]

Belonging: Australians, Place and Aboriginal Ownership, by Peter Read. Who "owns" the land?
$65 [$58.50 members]

For Younger Readers

One Woolly Wombat, by Rod Trinca and Kerry Argent. A counting book in verse. Introduces 14 Australian animals. Paperback Ages 4-8
$6.95 [$6.26 members ]

Where the Forest Meets the Sea, by Jeannie Baker. A visit to the tropical rain forest of North Queensland. Hardcover. Ages 4-8.
$16.95 [$15.26 members]

Australian Animals, by Caroline Arnold. Full-color photographs introduce 17 unusual animals. Hardcover. Ages 4-8
$16.95 [$15.26]

The Kangaroo Who Couldn't Hop, by Robert Cox. Charming book about a young kangaroo who simply could not hop. Hardcover. Ages 4-8
$19.95 [$17.96 members]

Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo: for the Children of Gunbalanya, by Alison Lester. Ernie sends 6 letters to his friends--one for each season-about life in Arnhem Land, an Aboriginal reserve in northern Australia. Hardcover Ages 4-8
$15 [$13.50 members]

Down Under, by Tessa Paul. Features 10 Australian animals with illustrations showing how they live. Paperback Ages 4-8
$7.95 [$7.16 members]

The Biggest Frog in Australia, by Susan Roth. Retelling of an Aboriginal story of how a frog drank up all the water on the earth, and how the other animals got it back. Paperback, Ages 4-8
$5.99 [$5.39 members]

Wombat Goes Walkabout, by Michael Morpurgo. Wombat loses his mother and searches for her in the outback. Hardcover, Ages 4-8.
$16.99 [$15.29 members]

Pheasant and Kingfisher: Originally told by Nganalgindja in the Gunwinggu Language, by Catherine Helen Berndt. An Aboriginal tale about how the world came into being retold by an anthropologist who lived with the Aborigines for many years. Paperback, Ages 4-8.
$4.95 [$4.46 members]

Possum Magic, by Mem Fox. A classic story of Grandma Poss and Hush who set out on a tour of Australia to undo a magic spell that has turned Hush invisible. Paperback. Ages 4-8.
$6.00 [$5.40 members]

Koala Lou, by Mem Fox. Koala Lou thinks her mother doesn't love her anymore. Paperback. Ages 4-8
$6.00 [$5.40 members]

Wombat Divine, by Mem Fox. Wombat wants a part in the Christmas Play. Age 4-6 Paperback.
$6.00 [$5.40 members]

For Older Readers

Aboriginal Art of Australia, by Carol Finley. An introduction. Includes rock, sand, body, and bark painting. Hardcover. Ages 9-12
$23.95 [$14.37 members]

The Drover's Boy, by Ted Egan. Set in the 1920s Caucasian-Aborigine marriages were illegal, a Caucasian drover (sheepherder) who was forced to pass off his Aboriginal wife as a drover's boy. Hardcover, Young Adult
$13.95 [$12.56 members]