Golden Fantasies: Japanese Screens from New York Collections
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Scenes from “The New Piece” (Shinkyoku)
Edo period (1615–1868), first half of 17th century
Pair of six-panel screens; ink, color, and gold on paper
The Mary and Jackson Burke Collection
Cat. no. 5

This story of kidnapping, chases, sacrifice, and rescue originated in a medieval war tale, the “Chronicle of the Great Peace” (Taiheiki). At this point in the story, Prince Ichnomiya is exiled from the capital and sends orders for his favorite consort to come join him on the island of Shikoku, escorted by his most trusted retainer, Takebun. A pirate, Matsura Gorô, intercepts them, however, preventing the lovers’ reunion. Like the adjacent Battles of Ichinotani and Yashima, the story is set on the coasts of the mainland and of Shikoku, which lies across the Japan Sea. Although there was a tragic end in the historical account, in its adaptation as the ballad-drama Shinkyoku the message was more positive, with a focus on the devotion of the couple and the noble hero Takebun.

Screen 8
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