Golden Fantasies: Japanese Screens from New York Collections
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Battles of Ichinotani and Yashima
Edo period (1615–1868), first half of 17th century
Pair of six-panel screens; ink, color, and gold on paper
John C. Weber Collection
Cat. no. 4

The twelfth-century Genpei Wars, fought by the rival Minamoto and Taira clans (also known as Genji and Heike) for military and political control, are chronicled in the fourteenth-century Tale of the Heike. Although the Taira had the upper hand during the 1170s, the Minamoto were ultimately victorious. Screens depicting battle scenes were popular during the seventeenth century because they stood as testaments to the warrior ideals of martial bravery and fierce loyalty. On the right screen is the battle in spring of 1184 at Ichinotani (near present-day Kobe on the mainland), which resulted from a surprise attack by the Minamoto. On the left screen is the subsequent engagement at Yashima (on the coast of the island of Shikoku), where the Taira had taken refuge after their defeat at Ichinotani.

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