Asia Society has had a long engagement with China. This began with the establishment of our China Council in 1975 and has continued with museum exhibitions and programs, as well as the establishment of our Center on US-China Relations in 2007. One of our most recent efforts, the US-China Forum on the Arts and Culture, brings together leading cultural figures for collaboration and dialogue. The US-China Forum on the Arts and Culture is a Sino-US exchange that the Asia Society’s Center on US-China Relations began in 2010 with the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and in close collaboration with the US Embassy in Beijing and the US Department of State in Washington. The on-going events of the Forum were started in order to help bridge the cultural divide between our two countries through open dialogue between accomplished American and Chinese cultural figures.

The 2014 US-China Museum Director’s Forum will take place in Shanghai and Hangzhou this fall, as part of the US-China Forum On The Arts And Culture. More information will be forthcoming shortly.

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