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This website for Asia Society’s 2010 exhibition “Pilgrimage and Buddhist Art” has more information on the long history of Buddhist art throughout Asia.

This two-hour documentary film biography, The Buddha, narrated by Richard Gere and directed by the award-winning filmmaker David Grubin, was produced by PBS in conjunction with Asia Society’s exhibition “Pilgrimage and Buddhist Art.” This site provides further information on the documentary and on the life of the Buddha.

This concise essay within The Metropolitan Museum of Art Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History discusses the history of the Kushan Empire and its visual culture. Images of works of Gandharan art in the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art are included.

This video discusses the Gandharan Buddha sculptures at Bamiyan, Afghanistan. The video is part of Asia Society’s Homeland Afghanistan site.


The UNESCO World Heritage website has detailed information about the Bamiyan Valley, and the ongoing effort to conserve the remains of the Gandharan Buddha sculptures. Numerous photographs are included.

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