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  1. Joseph Says:

    Congratulations on your hard-won success bringing this wonderful exhibition and example of international cooperation to New York City. I look forward to visiting it many times, and with many friends and colleagues. Thank you so much for all efforts made by the Asia Society and its friends. And for such fine work promoting international and cross-cultural understanding.

  2. Nighat Mir Says:

    Thank you for bringing something beautiful from Pakistan to the US. I hope this serves as a bridge between these two countries. And is a precursor of other good things to come.
    Pakistan is a rich and culturally diverse country with over five thousand years of history and heritage to share. And friendly hospitable people. Pakistan also has a very vibrant contemporary art scene. I hope you and all the people who visit this exhibition, will continue to explore, through many other such windows to Pakistan opened by The Asia Society in times to come.
    Please keep up the great work!

    Nighat Mir

  3. christine laporte Says:

    I so wish we could see this exhibit, as we have inherited a Gandaharan Buddha head that was given as a gift to my husband’s grandmother when she and her husband lived in Pakistan. Her husband worked for the State Dept at a time when Pakistan was first forming as a nation, and one of their parting gifts form their diplomatic hosts was a lovely Buddha head that we cherish. I would love to fro some one knowledgeable to see it and tell us more about it. We will be in NYC for Thanksgiving week, but by then this unique exhibit will apparently be gone. If anyone reading this can recommend who to contact at the Museum regarding our Buddha head, please let me know. Thank you and congratulations!

  4. Dennis Herron Says:

    I look forward to seeing this exhibition soon; the associated website is extremely well done – it certainly whet’s one’s appetite for the show. Thanks to everyone at the Asia Society and in Pakistan who contributed to bringing this unique exhibition to New York.

  5. Yoli Says:

    I am so regret that I will miss this exhibit. Is there a book that we can purchase higlighting this outstanding collection?

  6. admin Says:

    @yoli – -You can purchase the catalog here : http://www.asiastore.org/buddhist-heritage-of-pakistan.html

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