Help Youth Take Action

Module 5 will provide afterschool staff with tools and strategies to empower young people to take action on the global topics they have begun to learn about in their programs. Staff will learn to define the various ways in which young people can have a positive impact both on their local communities and on the larger world around them. Strategies for brainstorming project ideas, creating project plans, and making connections between local and global communities and issues are also provided.

We recommend that all participants first complete module 1, Understanding Global Competence and Its Value, and module 2, Developing an Effective Global Learning Environment, in order to gain a strong understanding of global competence and how to support global learning throughout the program environment.

To get started, download the Helping Youth Take Action Locally and Globally (PDF) section from the Expanding Horizons Toolkit for Trainers, including the related training plans and handouts.