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Triumphant Return

Deng’s chance came in 1973 when Mao summoned him back to Beijing to counter the excesses of his wife Jiang Qing and the Gang of Four. Deng quickly set about trying to get China’s economy and international reputation back on track, traveling to the United Nations in 1974 to speak at a conference on economic… Read more »

Sun Yat-sen Founds his First Revolutionary Organization

Sun did not remain a doctor for long. In 1894 he left Macau and China behind, returning to Hawaii to found his first revolutionary organization, the Revive China Society. His revolutionary activities led him to be banished from his homeland. The flag adopted by the society remains part of the Taiwanese flag today.  

Liang Visits the U.S.

In 1903, Liang traveled the world, visiting Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, Canada and most importantly, the United States. Liang criss-crossed the country, spoke to President Roosevelt and J.P. Morgan, and visited San Francisco and New York’s Chinatowns. Liang’s trip led him to several important epiphanies about China’s struggles, concluding that Chinese people were not suited… Read more »