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Death and Democracy

Chiang ruled Taiwan as an autocratic generalissimo until death in 1975. His son and successor, Chiang Ching-kuo, then surprised the world by lifting martial law, allowing opposition parties to emerge, and eventually abdicating in favor of the first free elections in China since 1913.  Countries around the world began to look at the Taiwanese model… Read more »


As Chiang expected, the end of World War II led to the outbreak of open civil war in China. Any strength Chiang conserved during the war availed him little, as the communists sent the remnants of his government fleeing to Taiwan in 1949. At first, the Taiwanese held out hope of a massive counterattack against… Read more »

Sun Yat-sen Founds his First Revolutionary Organization

Sun did not remain a doctor for long. In 1894 he left Macau and China behind, returning to Hawaii to found his first revolutionary organization, the Revive China Society. His revolutionary activities led him to be banished from his homeland. The flag adopted by the society remains part of the Taiwanese flag today.