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Cixi’s Return to the Regency

Cixi stepped down from the regency in favor of her teenage son, the Tongzhi Emperor, in 1873. Cixi retired to other projects, devoting herself to building a sumptuous new Summer Palace to replace the one destroyed by the British. But when her son died suddenly in 1875, Cixi quickly maneuvered to put herself back in… Read more »

Sun Yat-sen and the Soviets

In 1919 the Soviets, under Vladimir Lenin, dispatched Lev Karakhan to China to meet with Sun. Karakhan took the unprecedented step of freely and willingly relinquishing all Russian territorial concessions in China. Russia’s anti-imperialist movesĀ got the attention of Sun and the Chinese people, who finally felt they had found an ally in their struggle against… Read more »