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A Librarian in Beijing

Upon graduating from school in Changsha in 1918, Mao moved to the capital and became a librarian at Beijing University, where he worked for Li Dazhao. There Mao finally met many of his intellectual idols, but as a bystander, checking out books for them from the library. Mao perhaps developed some resentment towards the intellectuals… Read more »

The May Fourth Movement

The May Fourth Movement, wusi yundong (五四运动), brought Chen Duxiu to the height of his influence. Chinese intellectuals around the country were sparked to anger by Liang Qichao’s telegram from Paris announcing the secret agreement between the Chinese government and Japan to turn over Germany’s territorial concessions to the Japanese. Already planning to protest the anniversary of… Read more »

Sun’s Conservative Drift

Like earlier reformers we’ve looked at, Sun drifted back towards more traditional parts of Chinese culture as he got older. When Liang Qichao shocked China with the announcement that Japan had claimed all of Germany’s territorial concessions in the wake of World War I, riots broke out in Beijing. Spurred on by the New Culture… Read more »