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Zhu’s Record: Centralization

As Zhu Rongji took charge of China’s economy he achieved several key goals that had eluded China’s leaders. Zhu put limits on Deng’s policy of allowing local governments to keep the revenue they generated through market reforms, a tactic former Assistant Secretary of State Susan Shirk called “playing to the provinces.” Susan Shirk explains: Like… Read more »

Legitimacy Through Growth

Zhu, like Deng, understood that the Chinese Communist Party could maintain legitimacy, as long as they maintained growth. As China’s top economic policy maker, Zhu won over initially skeptic conservatives like Chen Yun by displaying a streak of caution that Deng lacked. Zhu satisfied Deng, the Chinese people, and conservatives, by giving them the growth… Read more »

Zhu in Shanghai

Zhu succeeded Jiang Zemin as Shanghai’s mayor in 1988, when Jiang was called to Beijing to assume a national role. Zhu received plaudits for his work in Shanghai, especially the development of Pudong district. Zhu’s economic success in Shanghai attracted the attention of Deng Xiaoping in Beijing. In the turmoil following the violence in Tiananmen… Read more »