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Liu’s Legacy

In 2010, Liu became the first Chinese citizen to win a Nobel Prize. Neither Liu, nor any of his family, were allowed to travel to Norway to accept the prize. Liu is still in prison today, and the question of his long-term impact is open. Did China’s democracy movement fail in 1989, or will we… Read more »

Charter 08

In response to what he saw at the Olympic Games, Liu put the organizing powers of the internet to use with serious repercussions. In late 2008, Liu and a handful of colleagues released a public letter criticizing the Chinese government. Modeled on Czechoslovakia’s Charter 77, they called their letter Charter 08¬†and it gathered more than… Read more »

Retirement to Obscurity

Released early on account of poor health, Chen retreated to an isolated village in the mountains of Sichuan, where he lived in obscurity. On his own, Chen’s faith in democracy reemerged as he watched Stalin’s tyrannical nature emerge. Chen also found solace in his classical education, turning to classical poetry and philology. His legacy is… Read more »