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New Cracks Appear

Despite the wealth Zhu had generated for the country as a whole, rural Chinese began to feel that they were bearing an unfair share of the costs. While a rising tide did lift all boats, Zhu’s attempts to appease urban areas had started widening the gap between rich and poor.¬†As Zhu prepared to hand over… Read more »

WTO Membership

In 2001, after years of arduous negotiations, Zhu finally secured China’s entry to the World Trade Organization. The process had been fraught, with Chinese accusing the Americans of reverting to old imperialist ways and making unreasonable demands from the Chinese. Chief American negotiator Charlene Barshefsky explains the importance of WTO membership to China:

The Belgrade Bombing

As Premier, Zhu faced political challenges that were, for him, a slightly bigger challenge than management of China’s complex economy. In 1999, an American bomber over Serbia fired five missiles into the Chinese embassy. A diplomatic uproar ensued, and Chinese took to the streets in protest. Zhu urged moderation, arguing that stability was more important… Read more »