Air Match-up Weekly 每周空气对比

Beginning in March 2007, China Green has been taking a daily photo of the Beijing skyline. The photographs have been documenting the smog conditions over the city. Recently we have extended the project to document New York’s air quality and compare the atmospheric conditions in both cities. We are launching the Air Match-up Weekly feature on Mondays and Tuesdays where we will be showing past week’s air quality in these two cities.

This is not a one stop for all if you want to know everything about air pollution in Beijing or China. This feature, instead, offers a quick, visual record of air quality in Beijing and New York. For more information and the full, day-by-day calendar archive of Beijing’s photos over the past few years, visit Beijing Air.

Presented by China Green from the Center on US-China Relations at Asia Society. Special thanks to photographers Lin Yang/John Billingsley in Beijing and Jeff Wang/Elsa Anderson in New York.



亚洲协会美中关系中心的中国绿坛为您呈献。特别感谢摄影师:北京的蔺杨/John Billingsley;纽约的王珏。

One Response to “Air Match-up Weekly 每周空气对比”

  1. Nat Says:

    It seems this feature has not been updated since March – will it be continuing?

    ChinaGreen: We will try to continue, sorry for the stoppage due to some special reason.

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