Climate Change: China 2009 气候变化:中国在行动

A production by, and courtesy of, China Meteorological Administration and other Chinese agencies outlining what China has done in 2009 combating climate change.

Ever since the industrial revolution, human activities, especially the industrialization process in developed countries, have consumed a lot of fossil energy. That has resulted in an increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the air, which in turn has caused global warming. The natural eco-environment has been impacted and the existence and development of human society are now facing a severe challenge. China is a developing country with a huge population. Its economy is comparatively underdeveloped. For the country, its major tasks at the moment are to develop the economy, eradicate poverty and improve people’s livelihood. Climate change is not simply an environmental problem. It’s fundamentally a problem of development.


Chao Qingchen
Yu Lei (China Meteorological Administration)
Shi Ying

Produced by China Meteorological Administration

Originally published on June 29, 2010


工业革命以来,人类活动尤其是发达国家在工业化进程中大量消耗化石能 源,造成大气中温室气体浓度增加,导致全球气候变暖,对自然生态环境产生不利影响,给人类社会的生存与发展带来严峻挑战。中国是个发展中国家,人口众多, 经济发展水平低,发展经济,消除贫困,改善民生,依然是中国的首要任务。气候变化既是环境问题,也是发展问题,归根到底是发展问题。

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