Pictures Talk video series 看图说话微视频系列

From rising mountains of garbage to colorfully polluted rivers to desertifying grasslands and melting glaciers, China is faced with mounting environmental and ecological challenges. We are teaming up with Chinese NGOs and other interested partners to create a series of short video programs about these issues. Pictures Talk shares little stories of how people think about environmental issues, and how they are working to solve them, even in small ways. Here are a selected number of programs with English subtitles, originally webcast in Chinese on Phoenix Documentary channel and Tencent Video. Producer: Michael Zhao Assistant Producers: Zou Yanbing, Westerly Gorayeb Thanks to: Orville Schell, Susan Jakes, Sara Segal-Williams, David Barreda, Jonathan Landreth, Ouyang Bin, Zhang Xiaoran Subscribe to this video series, now part of “China Green Videocast” on iTunes and iOS. 订阅中文版看图说话系列微视频(iTunes + iOS)

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