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Asia Society Convened the 4th Annual Women Leaders of New Asia Summit in New Delhi



New Delhi, April 15th, 2013– With important elections pending in key Asian countries and in the wake of a number of highly publicized acts of violence against women in the Asia-Pacific region, Asia Society convened its 4th Annual Women Leaders of New Asia (WLNA) summit. Over 35 distinguished delegates from 14 different countries across the region and disciplines gathered to identify critical issues affecting women and to develop an action plan to address these concerns in a collaborative manner.

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Women Leaders of New Asia Mentorship: Durreen and Kalpana

In this exclusive video interview conducted by Asia Society, social entrepreneur Durreen Shahnaz, and Kalpana Raina, Managing Partner of 252 Solutions LLC, talk about their relationship and work. Please click the link below to watch the video: