Asia Society | Women Leaders of New Asia


Readings for the plenary sessions and breakout sessions can be found in the links below. You may also download all of the documents in one PDF file here.


Session 1: Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women: The post-MDG Agenda

• “Rising to the Top? A Report on Women’s Leadership in Asia,” Astrid S. Tuminez, Asia Society and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS, April 2012

• “The Millennium Development Goals Report: Gender Chart 2012,” UN Women, 2012

• Executive Summary of “Progress of the World’s Women: In Pursuit of Justice,” UN Women, 2011

• “Gender equality and the post-2015 development framework: Perspectives from civil society,” remarks by Anita Nayar at CSW, March 2013

• “After 2015: Progress and Challenges for Development” Claire Melamed and Lucy Scott for the Overseas Development Institute, 2011

• “Localizing Sustainable Human Development: Consideration for Post-2015 Global Development Agenda,” UNDP, 2012

• “Parliament’s Role in Defining and Promoting the Post-2015 Development Agenda,” UNDP, 2013
Keynote Conversation: Violence Against Women: India as a Case Study

• Agreed Conclusions from Commission on Status of Women, March 2013 (Advance unedited version)


Session 2: Expanding Economic Opportunities for Women: A Prerequisite for Smart Economics

• “The Global Gender Agenda,” Joanna Barsh, Sandrine Devillard and Jin Wang, McKinsey Quarterly, 2012

• “The Challenge of Closing the Gender Gap in Developing Countries,” Dwyer Gun, The Guardian, 2012

• “Toward Gender Equality in East Asia and the Pacific : A Companion to the World Development Report,” World Bank, 2012


Session 3: Thinking Ahead with the  Next Generation of Women Leaders

• “Developing Next Generation Women Leaders Across the Asia Pacific Region” Asia Society Next Generation Women’s Leadership Advisory Committee, 2011 

• “Developing Leaders and Leadership Development” Manfred Kets de Vries and Konstantin Korotov, INSEAD, 2010 

• “The Key to Asia’s Future” by Véronique Salze-Lozac’h, Nina Merchant-Vega, Katherine Loh, and Sarah Alexander for The Diplomat, 2013


Session 4: Increasing Women’s Political Participation: Turning Policies into Practice

• “Equality in Politics: A Survey of Women and Men in Parliaments” Chapters 1 & 5, IPU, 2008

• “Raising Female Leaders,” Abdul Latif Jameel, Poverty Action Lab, April 2012

• “Changing Realities for Asian Women Leaders,” Hu Shuli, Global Asia, September 2011