Asia Society | Women Leaders of New Asia

Networks & Partnerships

The Women Leaders of New Asia Initiative will work with partners from business, academia, media and government to formulate issues, suggest collaborative solutions and extend and disseminate knowledge and best practices. This will involve continued research and exploration of topics that emerge from the conference as well as specific action steps to be presented to private and public organizations.

The Initiative aspires to be a major facilitator and influence on global collaborations supporting and promoting the women leaders of “New Asia.” Asia Society’s network of Global Centers, along with strategic partners, and web-based new media technology will be integral to expanding the scope and enhancing the impact of the Initiative.

Of note, research commissioned through a partnership between Asia Society and Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy will evaluate various national efforts to foster women leadership, systematize best practices from around the region, and identify specific case studies of practices worthy of being emulated.

Asia Society will continue to work with major media partners and business publications to ensure broad-based coverage of the Initiative and the ongoing related programs and activities.

Collaborating Partners for the 2011 Summit:

  • Have Faith In Your Brand
  • The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
  • The Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau
  • The Singapore Institute of International Affairs
  • SpencerStuart
  • Women Corporate Directors

Public Relations Partner for the 2011 Summit:

  • Ogilvy