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NEWS: Juanita Woodward Recognized at the AWARE Supersonic Ball as BoardAgender Co-Chair

Junie Foo and Juanita Woodward

Junie Foo and Juanita Woodward during the AWARE Supersonic Ball.

Juanita Woodward was recently recognized at the AWARE Supersonic Ball last September 10, along with Junie Foo, for their work as 2011-12 BoardAgender Co-Chairs. BoardAgender was chosen as the recipient of the AWARE “Cause of the Year – Women’s Corporate Leadership (Local Category)” award in Singapore. The AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research)* Gender Equality award was given in recognition of the role of BoardAgender in raising awareness about the benefits of a gender-balanced business, and encouraging companies to advance women to leadership positions.

*AWARE is the leading gender equality advocacy group in Singapore. The judging panel of the AWARE award chose “female corporate leadership” as the Cause of the Year to focus attention to. The Aware awards were launched in 2011 to celebrate individuals and organizations that have contributed to the cause of advancing gender equality and improving the lives of women in Singapore.

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