Asia Society | Women Leaders of New Asia


Readings for the plenary sessions and breakout sessions can be found in the links below:


Plenary Sessions

Session 1: The Change-makers/Visionaries: Women Changing the Paradigm in a Rapidly Modernizing Asia

Closing the Gap, The Economist

 Centered Leadership: How talented women thrive (McKinsey Quarterly)

Catalyst Proves We Can Make A Difference In Women And Leadership (Forbes)

Women leaders finding more acceptance in Gurgaon Inc (The Times of India)

Are Women’s Roles in Asia Changing? (IBtimes)

The Spectacular Triumph of Working Women Around the World (The Atlantic)

Emerging Markets: Where Women Will Rule (Forbes)

The Secret to Asia’s Long-term Prosperity? (globalasia)

 PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi on Diversity and Leadership


Plenary Session3 : Unlocking  the Potential of Women Leaders: The Role of Government

Changing Realities for Asian Women Leaders (

Japan: Culture Change required (Financial Times) 

India: Women’s Reservations have boosted reporting of crime (Asian Correspondent)

Power, Voice and Rights: A Turning Point for Gender Equality in Asia and the Pacific (UNDP – Read Chapters 3 and 4 only)

Strengthening Democracy through Women’s Political Participation (Asia Foundation)


Break out sessions:

Engaging Women at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Lunch with the FT: Esther Duflo (Financial Times)

Women at the bottom of the ladder (The Hindu)

 Women Entrepreneurs in Nepal

 To fight poverty, invest in girls (TIME)


Women at the Heart of Rapid Economic Growth: As Leaders, As Consumers

Consumption Trends and Targeting China’s Female Consumers

Hilary Clinton Calls Women Key to Fueling Asian, US Economic Growth (Bloombery)

Marketing to the modern Asian woman: Trends to watch (WPP)

The woman consumer now wields the wallet (afaqs)

Women Control $12-trillion of the global annual discretionary spends (campaignindia)

Women Want More in Financial Services (Boston Consulting Group)

 Groundbreakers : Using the Strength of Women to Rebuild the World Economy (Ernst and Young)

The Gender Dividend: Making the Business Case for Investing in Women (Deloitte)

 Women’s empowerment vital for economic development, peace, senior UN official says (Xinhua)  


Balancing Multiple Roles as a Key to Women’s Leadership

Asian Women Concerned about Work-Life Balance (JobsDB HK)

India ranks worst in diversity study (livemint)

Is Work-Life Balance an Economic Necessity (Huffington Post)

The Real Parent Trap (Forbes)

Mothers Returning to Work Forced Into Low Paid Jobs (Huffington Post)

Balancing Work and Family: Four Women Executives Speak (Knowledge@Wharton)

Working women – strength in numbers (The Nation)


Women’s Place in the New Center of Gravity for Global Growth: Beyond the Metropolitan Areas

Building Safe and Inclusive Cities for Women: A Practical Guide (Jagori)

‘Escapees’ Return to First-Tier Cities (Bjreview)


Women, Tradition, and the Pull of Asia’s Rapid Modernization 

New ‘Right-hand Men’: The Growing Role of Women in Indian Family Business (Knowledge@Wharton)

New wave of well-off Pakistani women drawn to conservative Islam (The Guardian)

The Changing Status of Women in Asian Societies (East West Center)

The flight from marriage (The Economist)

 The women of Burma (The Atlantic)

Tradition and Change in Marriage and Family Life (East West Center)


Meaningful Mentorship & Traditional Talent Development in Asia: Creating Women’s Pathways to Global Leadership

The Role of Mentorship for Women in Technology (Huffington Post)

When your mentor is half a world away (Fortune)