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WATCH: Women of Asia at Work

In conjunction with the UN Commission on the Status of Women Conference, Deputy Director of UN Women Lakshmi Puri, Deborah Gillis, Kaoriko Kuge, and Nobuko Sasae explore the ways in which women have affected Asia’s workforce in the 21st century.

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International Women’s Day with Maya Krishna Rao

Maya Krishna Rao 1As a run up to the International Women’s Day on March 8, WALK will finally have its Mumbai debut at the Asia Society Mumbai Center after more than thirty performances in various spaces like offices, schools, colleges, on the streets, and at the 2013 Jaipur Literature Festival. This was the response of the theatre artiste to the horrendous tragedy that transpired in New Delhi, December of 2012. The artist interacts with the audience through provoking the observer, to reflect and understand the monologist.

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The Women of the Cambodian Spring

Opposition parliamentarian Mu Sochua, a delegate of this year’s Women Leaders of New Asia summit, saw her brave countrywomen standing up to corruption and demanding change during the country’s most recent election. Read Mo Sochua’s full article on the Daily Beast, here.

The Other Half of Tomorrow

THE OTHER HALF OF TOMORROW is a portrait of contemporary Pakistan as seen through the perspectives of Pakistani women working to change their country. A series of seven linked chapters, the film introduces us to the disparate contexts that make up a complex culture — from a women’s rights’ workshop in a village in rural Punjab, to an underground dance academy in Karachi, to the playing fields of the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team.

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Astrid Tuminez at WEF-East Asia and speaking engagement on Leadership in Vietnam

WLNA Advisory Committee member and delegate Astrid Tuminez has participated in a number of key activities recently, including the World Economic Forum on East Asia, last June in Myanmar, and in Vietnam where she conducted lectures on leadership lessons at the Ho Chi Minh Academy.

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