Rivers of Ice

June 1, 2010


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George L. Mallory (1886-1924) was an English mountaineer who took part in the first three British Expeditions to Mount Everest in the early 1920s. Mallory and his climbing partner Andrew Irvine disappeared high on the northern slopes of Everest during their attempt to make the first ascent of the world’s highest mountain.

George Leigh Mallory, Artist Unknown. Courtesy of Royal Geographical Society.



Major Edward O. Wheeler (1890-1962) was a Canadian-born member of the Survey of India and participated in the first British expedition to Mount Everest as a member of the survey team. Wheeler was trained in the Canadian-method of photogrammetric mapping. He brought this technique, and a specialized photo-mapping camera, to Everest in 1921.

Major Wheeler’s Photographic Survey Party, A.F.R. Wollaston, 1921. Courtesy of Royal Geographical Society.



The 1921 British Mount Everest Reconnaissance Expedition Team

Members of Expedition at 17,300 ft Camp, A.F.R. Wollaston, 1921. Courtesy of Royal Geographical Society. George L. Mallory (front left), and Major Edward O. Wheeler (second from left).



Vittorio Sella (1859-1943) was an Italian photographer and mountaineer.  He was born in the foothills of the Alps in Biella, Italy and was a member of an honored Italian family.  During his long and productive career Sella took part in many expeditions to the world’s greatest and least explored mountain ranges.

Vittorio Sella, Artist Unknown. Courtesy of the Fondazione Sella O.n.l.u.s.



David Breashears is a mountaineer, photographer and filmmaker. Since 1978 he has combined his skills in climbing a filmmaking to complete more than forty film projects. He co-directed and produced the first IMAX film shot on Everest, and reached the summit of Everest for the fifth time in 2004 when shooting his film Storm Over Everest. Breashears is Executive Director of GlacierWorks which leads the Glacier Research Imaging Project (GRIP).

David Breashears Outside GRIP Exhibit at Mount Everest Base Camp, David Breashears, 2010. Courtesy of GlacierWorks.


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