Archive | January, 2014

Five Tips to Strengthen International Partnerships

With travel and exchanges becoming increasingly affordable to more schools and students, we have an opportunity and responsibility to build effective K-12 level school-to-school partnerships with student exchange programs that are much more than vacations abroad. With vision, design, resources, persistence, and a little bit of luck, school-to-school partnerships are treasure troves for student learning […]

Twitter for the #GlobalEducator

Twitter has become a vibrant venue where educators around the world connect and share ideas—in 140 or fewer characters at a time. A primary way educators find one another on the massive social networking site is through the use of hashtags. A hashtag is a #word or #severalwords prefixed by a # symbol. In this […]

SAGE Advice for New Teachers

I recently re-connected with a former 6th grade student of mine. It felt like yesterday that she was in my classroom, but the reality is that this week, she’s about to embark on her first student-teaching assignment. She asked me, “Mr. Wiley, what advice do you have for me?” Where to begin? I could have […]