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We’re going green this year! We’re replacing the paper program with online versions. Pack your smart phone, iPad and/or laptop—and don’t forget your charger. We’ll put your digital devices to work at PGL13.

Use the PGL13 app to:

  • See the program schedule
  • Create a custom agenda
  • Network with others
  • Take notes
  • Rate sessions
  • Download presentations
  • Share photos
  • Connect via social media

For iPhone (plus iPad & iPod Touch) and Android phones, visit App Store or Google Play on your device and search for “PGL13.”

For all other phone types (including BlackBerry and all other web browser-enabled phones): while on your smartphone, go to From there you will be directed to download the version of the app for your particular device, or on some phones, bookmark this page for future reference.

For those without the technology, we’ll have a paper at-a-glance schedule for you.

Together, we’re saving over 26,000 sheets of paper this year.


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