Connect Global Learning Activities

In module 4, participants will learn how to take the existing components of afterschool programming and give them a more global focus. Participants will consider all program areas (arts, sports, literacy, wellness, etc.) and learn how to globalize any program activity. Strategies for creating the most effective sequence of activities and incorporating global themes into all aspects of programming are also presented here.

This module may be the most appropriate for program directors, site coordinators, or other senior-level staff who have responsibility for overall program planning and/or long-term projects. However, we recommend that all participants first complete module 1, Understanding Global Competence and Its Value, and module 2, Developing an Effective Global Learning Environment, in order to gain a strong understanding of global competence and how to support global learning throughout the program environment.

To get started, download the Connecting Global Learning Activities (PDF) section from the Expanding Horizons Toolkit for Trainers, including the related training plans and handouts.