Develop an Effective Global Learning Environment

In this module you will find strategies and resources to help staff and young people define the important elements of an effective global learning environment, and steps staff can take to create such an environment within their programs. The activities offer tools to create an enriching as well as safe space for global learning, and facilitation strategies to help young people navigate global issues that are often sensitive and complex.

It is important that participants complete the activities in module 1, “Understanding Global Competence and Its Value,” before moving on to module 2, in order to gain a clear understanding of what global learning and global competence are and why they matter.

The activities in module 2 provide tools staff can use to establish and maintain an effective global learning environment across a program, regardless of the scope or content of the specific global learning activities they plan to implement. Therefore, it is important to review the activities in this module with all participants. Again, trainers should use their best judgment to determine whether specific activities may be redundant or unnecessary for their training group.

To get started, download the Developing an Effective Global Learning Environment (PDF) section from the Expanding Horizons Toolkit for Trainers, including the related training plans and handouts.