Understand Global Competence

This module is intended to provide a foundation for all subsequent training activities. The activities in module 1 will help participants gain a shared understanding of the importance of global learning and the definition of global competence. The module will also provide staff with the language and tools to help make the case for global learning to afterschool program stakeholders.

The activities in this module will lead afterschool staff to understand the characteristics of both a globally competent young person and a globally competent youth worker. Participants will examine their community’s and their own personal connections to other countries and cultures, and discuss ways to leverage these connections to help young people learn about the world.

Although module 1 is an essential training component, trainers should use their best judgment to determine whether specific activities may be unnecessary or redundant for their group (for example, depending on the extent of participants’ pre-existing knowledge about global learning).

To get started, download the Understanding Global Competence and Its Value (PDF) section from the Expanding Horizons Toolkit for Trainers, including the related training plans and handouts.