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Building High-Quality Programs that Support Global Competence
Many afterschool programs that use self-assessment to reflect upon their practice report making quality improvements as a result. Self-assessment helps programs to build a collective vision among a range of stakeholders and to engage partners in their work. It also helps programs understand the components necessary for a high-quality program and make an action plan to achieve them over time.

Recognizing the value of the self-assessment process, Asia Society and afterschool partners created the Global Learning in Afterschool Self-Assessment Tool. This tool is not meant to replace any afterschool quality self-assessment tools you may already be using. Rather, it can be used in conjunction with other tools to help you create the conditions necessary for successful global learning within the context of a high-quality program.

The self-assessment tool can be used as a framework for guiding preliminary discussions on global learning in afterschool as much as it can be used as a measurement on progress to date. Although this tool focuses explicitly on global learning in afterschool, it can and should be used by all types of out-of-school time programs regardless of whether they consider themselves to be globally focused programs or not. Afterschool programs are not required or expected to excel in each of the indicators, but this framework can serve as a guide for programs that wish to bolster their program design, environment, activities, and policies to build global competence in youth.

To get started, download the entire Global Learning in Afterschool Self-Assessment Tool (PDF), or the section How to Use the Self-Assessment Tool (PDF).

Explore this website to find more information about the eight domains of high-quality global learning programs: