Structure a Program

Regardless of their ages, student engagement is key in order to keep students actively participating in your expanded learning program. Shernoff and Vandell (2007) have defined engagement as occurring when a given student has the simultaneous experience of concentration, enjoyment, and interest. Due to the nature of global learning in expanded learning programs, there is great potential for both recruitment and retention. No matter the age, students are interested in the world around them and want to further understand their place in it. Your expanded learning program can give them additional time to develop that understanding through a variety of activities to make global competence real to them. In this chapter, we will discuss:

  • Aligning your expanded learning activities with the school day curriculum
    Staffing to help further your goals
  • Recruiting and retaining students
  • Working with a high school population
  • Funding
  • Communicating your expanded learning program

To get started, download the Structuring a Program and Aligning with School Goals for Global Competence (PDF) section of the Global Competence in Expanded Learning Time guide, including the related tools.