Develop an Implementation Plan

Once you’ve taken a deeper look at your overall school goals, considered how an expanded learning program can help you achieve those goals and broaden your students’ global learning experiences, and mapped out what you already have in place and how you might strengthen partnerships to help, you are ready to develop an implementation plan.

There are no rules for creating an implementation plan but its importance should be recognized. If the plan is followed closely, it incorporates the idea of infusing global learning into your expanded learning program and ensures that the decisions you make intentionally reflect your global learning goals at all times. Developing an implementation plan may sound cumbersome, but it is really simply taking the elements of what you want to accomplish in your program and putting it down in an actionable plan.

This section will walk through the development of an implementation plan that will contain the following elements:

  • A synthesis of your data review and curriculum mapping
  • An advisory group structure to move the process toward completion
  • An introduction to the components of a structural implementation plan, including program structure, staffing, curriculum alignment, funding, and program design
  • A working timeline for implementation

To get started, download the Developing a Plan to Implement a Globally Focused Expanded Learning Program (PDF) section of the Global Competence in Expanded Learning Time guide, including the related tools.