About Asia Society’s Expanding Horizons Initiative
Afterschool and summer learning programs across the country have found that adopting a global learning framework can help build program quality and youth engagement. This website provides a range of materials that will help school leaders, afterschool program directors, trainers, and line staff integrate global learning into out-of-school time. The resources featured here are intended to provide everything necessary to create and tailor professional development experiences that will support high-quality out-of-school programming that prepares youth for success in work and life in the 21st century.

The hands-on materials and tools on this website supplement and extend the Expanding Horizons: Building Global Literacy in Afterschool Programs guidebook and videos. They make a case for the importance of global learning in out-of-school-time programs and provide a range of ideas, examples, and resources. Therefore, they are highly recommended as an introduction and foundation to the activities and materials featured here.

This website is designed for several audiences, including:

  • School Leaders, including principals and members of school leadership teams
  • Afterschool Directors, including program directors and site coordinators of afterschool, before-school, and summer learning programs
  • Afterschool Trainers, including those that provide short conference workshops, hold in-depth training sessions, or offer individualized coaching for out-of-school time programs

You will find that the tools are designed to be modular in order to fit a variety of settings, and can be used for programs servicing all ages and levels of students.

The resources on this website were developed by Asia Society in collaboration with six Statewide Afterschool Networks supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation: