Training Agendas

The Expanding Horizons Toolkit was designed with a specific recommended scope and sequence. However, we realize that every training program, training facilitator, and trainee audience is different. We encourage afterschool professional development providers and programs to use these materials in the way that best suits their needs, and offer the following as a guide:

  • The Workshop Training Agendas (1-2 hours) provide several agendas for a short workshop or a series of workshops. The main objectives of these training plans are to achieve buy-in from staff or program stakeholders about why global competence matters and to build support for various levels of global learning integration in your program.
  • The Half-Day Training Agenda (3.5 hours, PDF) and Full-Day Training Agenda (6 hours, PDF) cover the fundamentals: understanding the concept of global competence and how to begin or ramp up global learning after school. These plans were designed for afterschool staff or programs that have only a limited amount of time to participate in training.
  • The Two-Day Training Agenda (12 hours, ZIP) is appropriate for staff who have little or no background knowledge about global learning. For a group that does have some familiarity or expertise with global learning, the training facilitator should decide whether there are modules or activities that may be too elementary or repetitive for the participants. Therefore, feel free to skip, reorder, or substitute activities as needed.

Before you get started, download the Introduction: How to Use the Expanding Horizons Toolkit for Trainers (PDF).