For Program Directors

The Expanding Horizons Toolkit for Directors is designed to provide strategies and resources to help afterschool program directors and/or site coordinators effectively integrate global approaches across their program mission, design, and administration. The toolkit resources include staff meeting agendas and training plans that program directors and trainers can use to help afterschool practitioners understand global competence and recognize its deep connection to high-quality programming, discover how afterschool programs are well-positioned to provide global learning opportunities and why it is important for them to do so, and create and deliver global learning activities that are meaningful to youth.

Ideally, the toolkit helps prepare and support staff before and/or while implementing global learning activities—whether activities obtained from a published curriculum or developed by program staff themselves. We envision that these strategies will be useful for all ages of youth and for all kinds of informal learning programs, whether after school, before-school, or during the summer.

To get started, download the Introduction: How to Use the Expanding Horizons Toolkit for Directors (PDF), or the entire toolkit (ZIP).

Explore this website to find more information about each area of high-quality global learning: